Get #ReallyReady

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Step 1: Get your Custom Gold Bag Now

Gold Bags are customized to you. Prices start at $250 and go up depending on where you live, family size, and so on. When you sign up, you’ll receive an email to schedule your free 15 minute consultation call.

The Gold Bag process will take into account over 75 factors, and provide solutions for:

  • Food & Water

  • Communications & Electricity

  • Printed Maps & Safety Instructions

  • “Legit” Med Kit including tourniquet, sutures, and trauma bandages

  • Tampons

  • Location-based needs

    • Smoke Masks & Goggles

    • Personal Flotation Devices & Flares

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$25 off a gold bag order! #reallyready

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Step 2: Train Up at a Pop Up

Having your Gold Bag ready with sutures is a potentially life-saving step in preparedness. But only if you know how to use them. Supply Drop’s approach to training starts with pop ups where you can actually learn how to use preparedness tools in a safe and fun way. Core to each popup for corporate hosts is the educational presentation The New Normal which outlines individual household resilience priorities over the next few years.

Our popups are free to host, and perfect for your company, office party, or community event. We give away some free tools like smoke masks, sell Gold Bag kits which are delivered a week later, and provide fun training experiences:

  • Fruit Sutures — learn how to suture on oranges and bananas

  • Bubble Smoke — learn how to use smoke masks safely, in a storm of bubbles

  • The Map Room — learn how to navigate out a city without a cell phone or gps

  • Crisis Kitchen — learn how to use MRE’s, and try “novel” survival products (crickets anybody?)