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How will climate related crises impact you?

That depends a lot on how you prepare.


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Getting the world #ReallyReady.

At Supply Drop, we believe that, in the future, everyone will be a first responder. Due to climate change, we will all have to rely on tools and training to protect ourselves and our loved ones — on a regular basis. We build the infrastructure to scale and distribute those tools to everyone, everywhere.

Disaster preparedness is as much a culture problem as a technology problem, but in this case, the technology will transform the culture. By making it ridiculously easy for people to be prepared - and eventually being able to prepare someone without any action on their part - we can help the helpers and change the culture.

In the future, you will see the Supply Drop logo as a sign that the [hotel, house, office, car] you are in cares about preparedness and has taken some smart steps.